Helping Employees Unlock the Full Value of Unused PTO

Convert unused paid time off into retirement savings, student loan repayments, and more!

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$1 trillion USD of accrued paid time off goes wasted every year in the United States.

1 in 3 workers say they can’t take vacation due to job demands

83% of workers are interested in converting their PTO 

70% say that having a flexible leave benefit would make them feel more valued 

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“A startup has a way for workaholic Americans to get something for those days they just can’t take off. ”

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What Employees are saying about PTO Exchange?


I benefitted from donated PTO many years ago which was so helpful for me and my family. I was blessed that my coworkers wanted to assist when my family members were significantly injured in a auto accident. I love being able to pay it forwards!

Lori G.

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This process was incredibly easy. It is an excellent benefit for those of us that have additional expenses at the end of the calendar year. I am using the funds to help pay for my doctorate in Health Sciences. It will also help with costs associated with the holidays. Thanks!

Michelle S.


Using my PTO for my trip to Disneyland!

Paisleigh C.

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The process was very simple and easy. Happy I was able to convert the time I would have lost to funds for retirement. Such a great benefit!

Justin S.

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A Win-Win for Both Employees & Employers.

Employees like PTO Exchange because:

  • Understand that their PTO has value

  • Unused PTO can be converted and used to pay off student loans, contribute to retirement or donate to charity

  • Leverage benefits they are more likely to use, and that fit within their lifestyle

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Employers like PTO Exchange because:

  • Reduces PTO balance sheet liabilities by reclaiming otherwise lost PTO

  • Help attract and retain employees while driving employee engagement and loyalty

  • Offer flexible, multigenerational benefits, providing value to individuals of any background or generation that resonates with a diverse set of needs

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