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At PTO Exchange, we believe that an organization should not pay for a solution or benefit that their employees do not use or find value in. Our goal and mission are to deliver a benefit that generates value for both the employer and their employees.

PTO Exchange 

Transaction-Based Pricing

With PTO Exchange, employees are required to forfeit a small percentage of each transaction they take, per IRS guidance. PTO Exchange leverages this requirement as our pricing model. We do not charge any Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) or monthly hosting fees. You can think of PTO Exchange as a voluntary benefit where employees absorb the cost of making each exchange and outside of a nominal implementation fee, there is no additional cost to the company. And because our model is based on the value delivered for each transaction, there is no cost for employees who choose not to make an exchange. 

LPA Exchange 

Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) Rate 

The Life Planning Account (LPA) service is priced based on the number of employees who will receive the benefit. For every eligible employee, a modest recurring charge is used to calculate the total fees per month. This pricing model creates simplicity and cost certainty.

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