Creating flexible benefits for an evolving workforce

At PTO Exchange, we pioneer innovative solutions at the intersection of employee benefits and financial wellness. With a mission to empower organizations and their workforce, we redefine the utilization of accrued Paid Time Off (PTO). In an era marked by financial challenges, our platform allows employees to convert unused PTO into personalized benefits, addressing their unique financial needs and priorities. Discover how PTO Exchange can revolutionize your benefits strategy and foster a positive workplace culture.


Our mission

Over 765 million vacation days go unused in America each year. Due to IRS and other regulations, this compensation has been virtually impossible for employees to exchange for other forms of financial rewards. Until now.

At PTO Exchange, we've seen these challenges for a number of years, knowing this capability can potentially help millions of employees and workers, in both the public and private sectors. We’ve become experts on tax laws, rules and other regulations and have built that intelligence into an easy-to-use system that helps employees translate PTO into other things of value – retirement accounts, loan repayment programs, travel awards, charitable causes and more…

These are the reasons why we've built PTO Exchange. And we’re committed to this mission each and every day - because it matters to real people, living and working in our communities across the country. In our own small way, we want to help them achieve more of their dreams and facilitate giving and sharing.

Active users

$51 million
exchanged so far

2.3 million
exchanged in 2023

Discover How PTO Exchange Is Drastically Reducing Employee Turnover

The PTO Exchange platform has helped a number of our clients reduce turnover and save PTO dollars. See how we do it here.


Meet The Team 

Meet the exceptional individuals behind PTO Exchange, a team dedicated to transforming the landscape of employee benefits. Our leadership brings a wealth of experience in HR, finance, and technology, converging their expertise to redefine the utilization of paid time off.


Rob Whalen
Co-Founder / CEO


Todd Lucas
Co-Founder / CTO


Rob Schwend
Vice President of Product and Integration


Josh Reinhard
Vice President of Sales


Steve Armstrong
Vice President of Finance and Operations

In The Press

Discover what the media is saying about PTO Exchange – where innovation meets headlines. Explore our press hits to stay informed about the transformative impact we're making on employee benefits.

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