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We love working with partners to help you differentiate your offerings and drive value for your clients and their employees.

We also know that it takes time, effort and investment to make partners successful. We’ll work with you and your team and provide training, materials and all the support you need to succeed.

And when your deal closes, your organization will receive revenue share payments for the life of the client relationship.

Benefits of partnering with PTO Exchange include:

  • Differentiate your offerings with innovative new services
  • Introduce a low-cost / no-cost benefit that can help offset unexpected premium increases in other areas
  • Enable your clients’ employees to unlock the value of their unused vacation for other priorities
  • Participate in revenue sharing
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"PTO Exchange is a great way to distinguish yourself in a crowded benefits marketplace. Great for your clients, their employees, and nice recurring revenue for your organization."

— Dave Sherman, Preferred Benefits

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