Creating a Positive PTO Culture

How Your Company Can Support Employee Wellbeing and Happiness


Encouraging employees to take PTO benefits not only the employees but the company’s bottom line because organizations will have more productive, rested, and rejuvenated employees. But, it’s up to companies to encourage a culture of PTO.

Inside this report, you'll find:

  • Insight into America's workplace culture and what this means for employees.
  • How and why "burnout" can severely impact workers' productivity and happiness.
  • Why time away from work and the office can boost employee engagement.
  • Actionable recommendations for HR leaders on how to create a positive PTO culture within their organization

This report is a must-read for HR professionals, business owners, and anyone interested in improving their organization's employee benefits and policies. With valuable insights and actionable recommendations, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions about implementing PTO policies that boost production.

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