Partner Profile: Benefit Advisors Network (BAN)


Welcome to our Partner Profile Series. Each month, we feature insights and perspectives from HR professionals and consultants working with a wide variety of clients to address today's most pressing issues. 

This month our spotlight is on Benefit Advisors Network (BAN). BAN helps shareholders of privately held employee benefit brokerage firms improve their performance and profitability through proven growth strategies, proprietary resources, enhanced operating efficiencies, and learning and sharing knowledge.  Examples of the services BAN offers its members to aid in their growth are human capital management, pharmacy, actuarial, and IT and compliance.

I sat down with Bobbi Kloss, Vice President of Human Capital Management Services at BAN. In her role, she manages the more “ancillary” components of human resources services such as handbooks, strategic consulting, and performance development.  

We chatted about how BAN vets its vendors using its “lead to help” philosophy, how its members collaborate with one another, and how it built a sustainable business by offering solutions that meet present and forward-thinking needs.    

Watch the full interview with Bobbi below:  

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Published on Mar 26, 2024 by Dave Sherman

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