Product Feature: Recurring Exchanges


If you’re an avid PTO Exchange user, you know that it can be a hassle to remember to log in to the platform and make your exchanges, especially if you’ve set up a practice of doing it every month or quarter.   

Not anymore. Now, there’s an easier way to do this automatically, so you can spend less time cashing out your PTO and more time using it.   

We’re excited to announce a highly requested and anticipated product feature on the PTO Exchange platform: recurring exchanges.   

Recurring exchanges are available to all eligible employees on the PTO Exchange platform. To reap the benefits, you need to ensure your employer has this feature turned on and configured.   

This new feature makes it easier than ever to exchange your PTO and ensure that you use it all throughout the year.   

Like an automatic credit card payment, you can set up recurring exchanges to convert your unused PTO automatically. Want to make sure you cash out every month, quarter, or year? Recurring exchanges allow you to do that. Pick your amount to exchange and the frequency, and we’ll take care of the rest.   

If you’re not already making recurring exchanges in the PTO Exchange platform, here are a few ideas for using this new feature:   

  1. Monthly student loan payment contributions. Set up a recurring exchange on the same day every month to convert a certain number of PTO hours into funds that you can use to pay your monthly student loan payment
  2. Quarterly emergency cash out. Set up a recurring exchange each quarter to automatically convert your PTO into cash.  
  3. Yearly charitable contribution. Set up a recurring exchange every year around the holidays to convert your PTO into an annual donation to your favorite charity or organization.   

We want to make it easier for you to give your employees a way to achieve their financial goals and promote financial wellness at your organization. Recurring exchanges are just one way we do this. Check out our latest ebook for more ideas on setting up a financial wellness program at your organization.   

Sound interesting? Set up your personalized demo today and see recurring exchanges in action.   


Published on Mar 21, 2024 by Rob Whalen

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