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This month, our spotlight is on Corestream.  Corestream is a no-cost voluntary benefits and employee discounts platform that empowers benefits teams to offer the benefits their employees need without administrative burden. Corestream drives engagement through educational communications and a guided and user-friendly enrollment experience.  

Headshot Asbury Full Bright CropI sat down with Josh Rosenthal, Sr. Director of Sales and Account Management at Corestream. He supports new business sales through marketing, business development, and sales enablement efforts while also managing the customer relationship team which is the day-to-day point of contact for Corestream customers.  

Tell us a little about yourself, Corestream, and your role at Corestream.  

I joined Corestream over two years ago to build and manage a business development team to help generate new logo sales. Along the way, I've taken on some marketing and sales enablement responsibilities, and most recently, I took over the account management team on the customer side of the house. Having visibility to a few different areas of the business has been beneficial, as I've been able to take learnings from one side of the business and use them to support initiatives on the other side.  

How does Corestream’s approach to voluntary benefits ensure a customized solution that effectively addresses the specific needs of each employer client?    

Corestream prides itself on tailoring each customer's benefit offerings to best support that organization and its population, as employees in various industries have very different needs.  Additionally, Corestream has focused on educating employees on the value of the benefits offered through relevant and timely communications, as well as an educational and guided employee enrollment experience that helps drive employees toward the benefits that fit their lifestyle and away from those that are not.  

The voluntary benefits market is competitive. How does Corestream differentiate itself and communicate the value proposition it offers to employers considering its voluntary benefits programs?  

Corestream has invested in creating the best possible voluntary benefits experience for employees through benefits education and a simple user experience. Our goal is to be an employee's trusted guide regarding voluntary benefits, putting the right benefits in front of the right employee at the right time.  

Technology is constantly evolving. How does Corestream stay at the forefront of technological innovation to ensure its platform integrates seamlessly with existing employer systems and offers a user-friendly experience?  

Corestream takes feedback directly from customers and their employees to create the best possible user experience for employees. We're constantly looking to iterate and improve our platform to keep the technology fresh, cutting-edge, and a simple user experience for employees.  

Data insights are increasingly important for employers. Can you elaborate on how Corestream leverages data and analytics to provide employers valuable insights into their voluntary benefits programs and employee participation?  

Depending on the customer's preference, account managers will present data to employers monthly, quarterly, or annually. Metrics include but are not limited to, site visits, participation, and benchmarking against industry standards.  

Successfully selling voluntary benefits solutions requires building strong relationships with potential clients. Can you share some insights into Corestream's approach to developing and maintaining these relationships?  

Corestream's B2B marketing and business development team creates awareness. It provides valuable resources to potential clients so they know where to go when they can engage in voluntary benefits. From there, our consultants and leaders make it a point to visit prospective customers to grow relationships and build trust. Through doing the same with our current customers, they've been very gracious in sending referrals our way from their industry network. We also created a Customer Advisory Board that has not only helped us strengthen our relationships with the members but it gave customers a chance to connect and learn with their peers in the industry.  

Brokers play a vital role in the employee benefits space. How does Corestream work with brokers to ensure a smooth and collaborative experience for both the broker and the employer when implementing voluntary benefits programs?  

The team here has developed solid relationships with some of the industry's most significant voluntary benefits brokers, which has helped us scale our business. Teaming with a broker to solve a customer's needs gives that customer both a best-in-class technology solution and a knowledge consulting service, which is a powerful combination.  

The voluntary benefits market is constantly evolving. What are some key trends you see shaping the industry, and how is Corestream positioned to capitalize on these trends for continued growth?  

Financial wellness is at the top of my mind right now. Benefits leaders focus on providing value to employees to help set them on the right financial path and hire and retain talent while remaining mindful of benefits spending. Benefits like PTO Exchange and other powerful financial wellness voluntary benefits have an opportunity to impact organizations and their employees.    

The workplace is changing rapidly. How does Corestream see its voluntary benefits offerings adapting to meet the needs of the modern workforce and address any emerging challenges or opportunities?   

As the world changes, so do employees' needs. Our team makes it a point to listen to the needs of our customers and their employees and then go out into the market to learn about solutions to these new challenges. Most of these needs are connected to financial wellness in some way, given today's inflation levels and the rising cost of living, so we're excited to start partnering with PTO Exchange to give employees another lever to pull when a financial need arises in their world.  

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Published on May 14, 2024 by Dave Sherman

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