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This month, our spotlight is on Hylant. Hylant is focused on delivering exceptional long-term results by understanding your business and designing personalized risk management and insurance programs that help meet your desired objectives. Hylant’s mission is to strengthen and protect the businesses, employees, and communities of its client’s families by embracing them as their own. 

I sat down with Dave Holden, CSFS, a Client Executive of Employee Benefits at Hylant. Dave has over 20 years of experience in human resources, total rewards, and technology. He is a former software developer/consultant with a curious mindset and leverages a data-based decision-making process. He has worked in many industries and with several Fortune 500 companies. As both a client and practitioner, Dave understands the intimate details of his client’s daily challenges and focuses on delivering employee benefits and innovative risk mitigation techniques to alleviate these challenges. Holden_Headshot2

What motivates you in your role as a Hylant insurance broker? What are the most rewarding aspects of your work? 

The motivation and rewards of my job are straightforward; I relish the opportunity to serve my clients and their employees at every level of the organization beyond their business. The programs and solutions I help author and engineer affect every member and their covered dependents. This fact is something that I took seriously as an administrator for a single employer, and I now get great satisfaction in it as I work with multiple organizations. 

What makes Hylant stand out from other insurance brokerages? What unique value do you bring to clients? 

Hylant is different. Our values are practiced daily. When we talk about family and embracing our client’s challenges as our own, we mean it! We are a high-touch organization that prides itself on service. And that same level of care and service for our clients extends internally as we treat each other similarly. I have never worked for an organization that is as smart, empathetic, and compassionate as we are at Hylant. In addition, we are innovative in our approach and finding appropriate solutions based on our clients’ needs. No different than the service that PTO Exchange provides – an innovative approach to a specific need that answers many questions from employees regarding the appropriate and tangible use of their accrued time off. 

What are some of the emerging risks and trends you see shaping the insurance landscape in the coming years? 

Many would agree with the fact that healthcare in the US is a broken system. Costs are the main driver of that brokenness; however, we are simply an unhealthy nation. Many issues we experience as a national healthcare community have much to do with our behaviors and understanding of the system. We often neglect to lean into our health journey and hold our providers accountable. The unspoken truth is that we simply do what we are told and hope for the best. I encourage a more practical approach that includes advocacy and data-based decision-making. Ask questions of your doctors, take the time to get additional information and opinions, be bold in your approach, and think creatively about your care! And maybe more importantly to practice moderation in your lifestyle behaviors. Specifically on the administration side, a relatively new phenomenon is the individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement (ICHRA). At its core, the ICHRA attempts to provide an individual medical plan through your employer that is specific to the members and their dependent needs in a community-rated environment. This contrasts with the traditional group health plan and rating that is generally more risky and costly and limits individual choice. I believe that ICHRAs will continue to grow in popularity and ultimately have the same effect on traditional group coverage that defined contribution plans (401K) had on defined benefit plans (pensions). 

What do you want our readers to know about Hylant? 

Hylant really is what you read about. We are not just a mission statement and set of values on the wall. We live them daily. More than that, we are innovative and accountable. And we consistently show up to serve our clients how they need and want us most. We may not have brand recognition or household name as some other consultancies do, but our client list and testimonies speak for themselves.  

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Published on Jan 23, 2024 by Dave Sherman

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