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I was able to use the exchange to help fund my soccer league and get my team custom jerseys!

Kamal K.

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Finally, a way to make great use of my vacation time. I had an excessive amount of days due to not traveling over the past two years. Using PTO Exchange helped me afford the trip of my dreams with additional vacation time to spare.

Brandie H.

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The first time I utilized PTO Exchange it was applied to my student loans. This was extremely beneficial as there was a pause on interest, so the money went even further to reducing my debt.

Jazmine W.

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It's wonderful that my workplace utilizes this as an option to earn extra money in exchange for my PTO as I do not use many of my PTO hours. This gives me the opportunity to access extra cash. PTO Exchange was very easy to use!

Carissa D.

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PTO exchange was super easy to use! Thanks to the PTO exchange I was able to get ahead on my car payments. Best program ever,

Carol S.


At Slalom, we were seeing that a one-size-fits-all approach does not fit well with our diverse workforce and wanted to do something different to give employees more options. Life Planning Accounts have provided us with flexibility and the ability to support well-being activities globally. PTO Exchange made it easy to do so.

Will Cone

Director of Global Benefits & Mobility, Slalom Consulting

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PTO Exchange allowed us a vehicle for our employees to exchange their PTO for themselves, their communities, and their co-workers, and that was really important for Amtrak

Nathan Counts

Assistant Vice President of Total Rewards, Amtrak


“At Premera, we’re always looking for innovative solutions that support our employees and their diverse needs. PTO Exchange has made it easy for employees to support their community through donations and our corporate matching program.”

Cecily Hall

Vice President of Employee Experience, Premera

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"Not only is the software fantastic, but the team I worked with to implement and manage the system is as well. I love all the options to contribute and ease of use!"

Taylor R.

Human Resources Manager, Griffin Capital

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