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Help employees get the most out of time off or apply PTO for select travel and services.

Most organizations look for new ways to boost employee satisfaction and work/life balance and for good reason: keeping employees happy is one of the most effective ways to drive productivity and reduce the time and cost spent on recruiting and hiring new people.

At the same time, many employees have accrued valuable PTO surpluses. With PTO Exchange, these unused vacation hours can be translated into flights, accommodations, and other services to help them achieve their dream vacation and drive satisfaction. This innovative benefit allows employees to reward themselves or loved ones – without compromising personal expenses or incurring additional costs for the company. 


"I've booked weekend getaways and accommodations a number of times with PTO Exchange. No need to worry about the extra expense for taking time off for a trip. I can't believe how convenient it was. This is a game changer for me."

— Cindy M., InformedDNA

Let Employees Reward Themselves with Travel and Lifestyle Benefits

PTO Exchange works directly with Priceline and other travel partners to offer flights on all major airlines and accommodations from thousands of hotels and other providers. 



Allow employees to self-direct accrued vacation hours towards hotels.



Help employees reduce travel expenses by paying for airfare with PTO hours.



Trade in unused vacation hours for cruise vacations.


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