Now Your Boss Can Buy Back Your Vacation Days

A startup has a way for workaholic Americans to get something for those days they just can’t take off.

PTO Exchange in the News

March 01, 2022

Employees can now convert their PTO into other benefits

What if instead of losing hundreds of dollars in unused paid time off, employees could now repurpose it?


March 31, 2022

Can I turn my PTO into cash? Sometimes, but that doesn't mean you should skip vacations

Platforms like PTO Exchange gained steam during the pandemic, but it's crucial for employees to remember the importance of taking paid time off.


June 9, 2022

What to know about student loan assistance at your job

With so many workers carrying student loan debt, repayment assistance programs can be a valuable benefit to employees.

October 20, 2016

Why It's Long Past Time to Rethink Paid Leave

Paid time off (PTO). It’s the benefit pretty much everyone would agree they want more of. So why is it that the vast majority of employees struggle to take full advantage of it?


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